2003-11-04 - 9:41 a.m.

I woke up with the taste of cock in my mouth

Two days now ive been trying to piece together my saturday night and subsequent sunday morning. Lets just start off with...I woke up with the taste of cock in my mouth.

Arrived at the bar at 11:00pm, was looking pretty fucking hot, getting looks and chats and shit like that.

I started to drink...double rye and gingers in a short with lots of ice....soooo rye on the rocks pretty much. One of those every 10 minutes....at least. The last thing I remember is that I was gulping back a shot of tequila and then sambucca and making out with this hot guy in a red shirt.

From here on until when i wake up is all information given to me by friends and aquintances and sadly, strangers.

Around that same time my friend Jill pulled me off the red shirt guy and I told her "Congratulations, u must be pregnant." She isnt. She's tiny with a complex about her body. Im a mean son of a bitch. Thank christ that above all she is a good friend and got that red shirted stranger away from me. She told him he was ugly...oddly enough I remember him being beautiful.

At this point i was probably hard as a rock and start grabbing Jills tits..underneath her bra. Then I decide nooooo this is a mistake and start grabbing guys by their crotches and sticking my hands down their pants while making out. No objections which is nice, from what I hear I did it to three guys and took one in the backroom. I have to assume that the taste of cock originated there...in the backroom.

So being hammered and a complete idiot I go up to the guy i like and tell blurt out "This hard to get shit is getting old, i could find someone way hotter and no doubt way easier." Wheeeeeeeeee....and i did. But i still like him. Think I burnt that bridge?

Three girls carried me out and I fell down the stairs cracking my head open a bit...not bad enough for stiches but bad enough for blood matted hair. My friend Lindsey drove me home. Carried me to the door. I started falling backwards down my front steps and ended grabbing the 500 lb granite flower pot for leverage. I pulled it onto me and was pinned between two stairs and a flower pot. Covered in dirt too. Puking up pure booze (you could have bottled that shit) making up words and yelling out my alarm code in broken spanish and french.

My brother (25 yrs old, hockey player, mad strong) came out laughing and lifted it off of me. I ran inside tracking dirt through the foyer, up the stairs, into my room and passed out on top of me bed. My mom came in to check on me she tells me now I was making up words but relatively cordial in the long run. She whispered to me that I still had my dirty clothes on and I was covered in sweat and booze...I told her she was lying and I was in fact, in bed sleeping comfortably. Jesus H. Christ. She laughed and say "Gee you're bloody" and I said "Bloody tired, leave me be woman." Laughing again she just closed my door and probably went to call her other suburban wife friends to exchange drunk son stories.

Woke up still shit faced with a terrible fuckin headache, felt sketchy as hell, I was soaked, my beige damask duvet was covered in dirt, and my sweat had permeated everything i was wearing...so i stunk too. Then i felt my head and noticed the matted blood. Smacked my lips and tasted cock and maybe some cum. Awoke, got up, cleaned up, let my whole family make fun of my stupidity over breakfast and then went and got high for the day and watched cartoons. I think I was slipped a mickey...i was sure sketchy. I kinda still am.

Was on the net last night though and guys were messaging me saying "remember me?" and to which I would respond "No, id prefer not to. Lower standards come only with inebriation." Until a hot guy messaged me and I saw his pic. I had my hands down his pants...apparently. Why cant I remember the fun stuff????!! What cruel joke is being played on me? So we have a date on friday. He's hot, nice body and seems relatively normal.

Relative to what though? Me?

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